Down is Good

Jackstraw Springs to Forsee Creek Trailhead via Trail Fork Springs
(7.7 miles, +1,100/-3,600 feet).

In the morning it was nice to see what we could not last night when we arrived in the dark.

So that’s what our camp looks like!

We got some water from the springs and hit the trail.

Runoff from Jackstraw Springs

It was slow going, with the altitude seeming to take a toll on Jay.

Break time!
Moon over the trail

We found a few little patches of snow, but nothing we couldn’t avoid.

Oh no snow!

We made it up to Trail Fork Springs around 9am.  They were surrounded by a beautiful thicket.

Do we have to climb any more?
Jay fills up from the piped spring
Jay in a thicket

Jay thought he would feel better, but even sitting was not helping enough.  He said “you go on, I’ll just take a nap here.”  I replied, “No way Jose!”  We decided to head back down together, and I hoped the elevation loss would improve his condition.

Yes, down is good!

It took us a few hours, but we made it back down to the trailhead where Jay felt much better.  Although it is not what we planned, it was still a beautiful trip and we got to spend lots of time together.  We will definitely do another trip in future (though maybe some place a little lower!).

We can breathe again!

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