Gorgonio to Petco

San Gorgonio Mountain to Vivian Trailhead
(9 miles, +0/-5,200 feet).

Today we had to race down the mountain so we could make it to a 12:45pm Padres game in San Diego.  We called it the “Gorgonio to Petco” hike!

The night sky was spectacular, with clear views of Los Angeles in the distance.

Los Angeles lights

From such a high vantage point, it was easy to see the very first light of dawn on the horizon.

Dawn breaks

The early morning views were incredible, but we were pressed for time so I didn’t take many pictures.

A cairn in the morning light
Rise and shine!
Alpenglow on the shoulder of Gorgonio

On the way down we actually jogged short stretches where it was not too steep, rocky, or slippery.

Go, go, go!

We made it down to the trailhead by 9am and back to San Diego by noon, where we picked up my son Jay and headed to Petco to complete our mission!

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