Mooney Falls

Supai to Beaver Falls and back
(10 miles, +1,000/-1,000 feet).

Today we hiked back down to Havasupai Falls and continued our journey deeper into the canyon.

Cascades above Navajo Falls

Just above Mooney Falls it’s not possible to continue next to the river, so the trail passes through some tunnels and down some ladders.  They actually had a security person there with a satellite phone attending the scene in case someone fell.

DoubleSub carefully comes down the ladder

After that the trail flattened out and followed the river, often through vast fields of wild grapes.  Their leaves glowed green against the red of the canyon walls.

Walking amongst the wild grapes
Pasta Jay crosses a gorge
Kai and Pasta Jay stop to admire the scene

Further down, the trail became less distinct, though there were several places where there were small bridges to help us cross the water.

Half Cookie leads the way
Between a palm and a hard place

By lunchtime we made it down to Mooney Falls, where lots of hikers were swimming and hanging out.

Rim of Beaver Falls from above
Beaver Falls
Half Cookie takes a nap on a log
Climbing above the falls

We eventually headed back up the way we came.  It was an extremely hot climb, probably 100 degrees.  Fortunately, the river was nearby most of the way so we could dip in and stay somewhat cool.

By 4pm we made it back to Mooney Falls, which was now beautifully visible in the sun.

What an amazing waterfall!
Mooney Falls from above

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