Desert Wonderland

Black Rock Campground to Upper Covington Flat
(8 miles, +1,200/-600 feet).

We got a bit of a late start this morning because of our rude neighbors from last night.  But it was cold, so starting after sunrise for once may not have been the worst outcome.

We decided to take the California Hiking and Riding Trail back to the car this morning so we could see some new scenery.  The early sun shone beautifully on the cactuses and Joshua Trees.

Glowing cactus

But I was not prepared for what came next.  As we gained in elevation, we found the ground sprinkled in snow!  It was such an unusual sight to see snow in the desert.

The trail winds through the snowdust
Hey, this is pretty cool!

The dusting got thicker at higher elevations, with almost an inch of snow in some places.

Jay walks through the winter wonderland
Joshua and JimmyJam
Joshua and Jay

The snow was not sticking to a road we crossed, but it was an inch thick on the bank of the road.

Snowy banks

Some of the Joshua Trees also collected snow on their branches, giving them  a Christmas vibe.

Xmas Joshua

We reached the peak of the trail at around 5,200 feet and gradually descended.

It’s all downhill now

As we lost altitude, the snow sadly disappeared.  But we were so happy that we happened to be there when such a rare thing happened.  It makes me want to watch the weather next winter and be ready to go back if and when it happens again!


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