A Morning Stroll

Doble Trail Camp (mile 268.6) to Cougar Crest Trail (mile 277.7)
(11 miles, +1,500/-1,700 feet).

Last night was windy!  There were some power lines above us and they made an eerie low hum every time the wind blew.  I eventually ignored it and went to sleep.

This morning we got up before the sun, which is my favorite time to hike.  The day was relatively easy, as we had only 11 miles to go.  Not a bad finish for BarnFinder’s and my comeback hike on the PCT!

BarnFinder moves faster than my shutter speed
First light hits the trail
Beautiful wildflowers

By 7:30am we found water, which was good since Done Springs Trail Camp was dry.  We filled up and continued on our way.

Yay, water!
Water break
Not too much farther

We finally got our first real views of Big Bear Lake when we were almost at the Cougar Crest Trail turnoff.  I had expected to see the lake a lot more on this trip.

Big Bear Lake
Time to depart the PCT

The hike down was uneventful, turning into a boring jeep road towards the end.

All done!

We found the Discovery Center which was closed, but we had cell service so we called a cab and it took us back to Onyx Summit and BarnFinder’s car.

Yay!  I can still do this.


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