Same Time Next Year

Noble Canyon Trailhead (mile 48.7) to Sunrise Trailhead (mile 59.5)
(11.5 miles, +1,000/-1,400 feet).

My friend Scott and I would like to hike more together but he’s a busy guy!  With four kids and two full time jobs it’s hard for he and his wife to keep up.  But we do manage to find a time to hike, even if it’s only once a year or so (see our last trip here).

We headed up to one of my favorite parts of Section A of the PCT super early.  Scott needed some nutrition to get him started.

Mmmmmm oatmeal

Our early alarms paid off in golds and pinks and blues.

Scott snaps the sunrise

As the sun climbed in the sky, we headed north, winding in and out of the canyons above the desert floor to the east.

Morning alpenglow
A distant view of the Sawtooth Mountain Wilderness

We made good time and before we knew it we were at Kwaaymi Point where we stopped for a break.

Panorama to the north

The trail passed Pioneer Mail and took us down beautiful rolling hills through the chaparral.

Scott chases the trail winding in the distance

After four hours we made it back to Sunrise Trailhead and shuttled back to the start.

We should definitely do this more often!

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  1. susannajbost says:

    This was Day 3 for me on the PCT and definitely one of the most beautiful days in Southern California. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and sending me on a trip down memory lane!

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