Surviving the Night

Juniper Flats Trail
(2 miles, +300/-300 feet).

It was cold yesterday, and then last night around 9pm the wind picked up and blew away all the clouds.  The one time I got out to pee the stars were absolutely spectacular, but it was FREEZING!

Back in my tent I had every item of clothing on inside my 20 degree bag to stay warm.  I was just on the edge of my comfort level.  ZoZoZoom had Half Cookie’s 15 degree monster mummy bag so she was fine, but she decided not to leave that bag all 12 hours of the night!

We later heard from a ranger that the low temperature at our campsite was probably 20 degrees (while the wind gusted to 30mph) , but our water bottles did not freeze, which makes me think it must have been somewhat warmer than that.

Needless to say, we were reluctant to break camp at first light, but it felt good to move around and it helped us to warm up a bit.  I always think early starts are worth it, and these pictures on our short walk back to the car show why.

This is why I love backpacking
Almost ready
Cotton candy wisps float above the Joshuas
Looking west at a solitary Joshua
ZoZo Zooms back to the car
The sun rises on the Little San Bernardinos
Contrails cross the sunrise
One more selfie for Juniper!


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