Down to the Superbloom

Villager Peak to S-22 Trailhead
(7 miles, +0/-5,000 feet).

After a tough climbing day you might think it would be nice for it to be all downhill from here.  But down can sometimes be even harder, especially for someone like me who occasionally experiences knee problems.  The key is to take it slow, especially the steep parts, and stretch every now and then!

As usual we got an early start, packed up and ready to go before sunrise.

A shimmer on Salton

As light peeked over the distant ridges, it glowed on the hills and brightened the desert.

Distant alpenglow
Wake up desert!

By 7am we had already descended a couple thousand feet where the air was getting hotter. The desert plants seemed happy.

Happy yuccas
Yes, the trail is on that ridge
Folds of Rattlesnake Canyon
A contrarian barrel in a cholla crowd

We had seen lots of lizards and horned toads, but they were so furtive I thought I would never have a chance to get a photo.  Then I almost stepped on this little guy.

Please don’t see me, please don’t see me, please…

When we were about a thousand feet above the valley floor, we got back into the superbloom zone.  It was amazing how much even a day makes as life races to take advantage of its narrow window of opportunity.

Baby blooming ocotillo
Beavertail blooms
Barrel blooms
A fancy cairn by the trail
MixMaster in purple
Bush poppies gone wild
Beareded Cryptantha everywhere!!!

By 9:30am we were out of water, but back at the trailhead.

A huge icy soda would be just minutes away….

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  1. Darren Schreiber says:

    Great pics! Anza-Borrego was one of the things I didn’t do in San Diego and regret.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JimmyJam says:

      Next time you visit we’ll go!


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