PCT Taster

Subway Cave to Old Station via PCT
(3 miles, +200/-200 feet).

We lazed around a bit after our Cinder Cone hike and then decided to do another excursion this afternoon.  A lava tube called the Subway Cave was about a mile away from our airbnb in Old Station and the plan was for Half Cookie and Pasta Jay to do the cave and drive back while I hiked back a mile on the PCT.

The lava tube was mildly interesting.  At least it felt good to stretch the legs.

Down to the subway
Pasta Jay reads about the cave
That didn’t take long

Soon we parted ways and I headed over to the PCT.

Heaven is this way

The trail is really flat through here (halfmile 1375 to 1374) and it passes by some other cave openings that looked interesting.

Section N!
A tree grows out of a wild cave entry
Lots of blooming bushes

My PCT mile flew by, and soon I was on forest roads heading back to Old Station.

Until the cows come home

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