A View to the North

Summit Meadow to Sage Flat Trailhead via a 10,000 foot and a 9,400 foot knoll
(10 miles +2,300/-5,800 feet).

We got up this morning and assessed the weather.  It was probably about 30 degrees last night and we slept with most or all of our clothes.  Tonight it is supposed to be 5 degrees cooler, but worse, the wind is supposed to really pick up with 60mph gusts tomorrow.

So we decided to do a little bit of exploring and then pack up and head back out today.  We took our time at breakfast, making another fire to ward off the morning chill.

Once more, with feeling

Then we headed over to the good old PCT to hike north a bit to get a view of Olancha and the snowy Sierra.

Go right young man

Sobo was feeing the altitude a bit, so he decided to take a nap by the trail while Quercus and I did a quick there-and-back.  At a certain point we decided to get off the PCT and head straight for a rocky tower that stood at 10,000 feet.

Our goal
Quercus finishes the climb

In no time we made it to the top and got great views of the Sierra to the north.

Far away in the heart of Sequoia

Our little rock tower had a steep drop on one side and great views of Olancha Peak to the North and Monache Meadow to the West.

Don’t look down!
Olancha Peak peeks above the ridgeline (center left)
Monache Meadow
This is awesome!

I found an abandoned scarf that I packed out and then we headed back down to find Sobo.

A noble descent
Reunited, and it feels so good

We headed back to our camp and grabbed lunch, packed, and then headed out to explore Summit Meadow.

Entering the Meadow

We climbed up to a 9,400 foot hill south of the meadow and then headed back down.

View of Olancha Peak from ridge south of Summit Meadow
Snow lines the meadow
Mmmm golden brown

Wranglers have built some infrastructure for their cows in the meadow, including retaining walls for several frozen-over cow ponds.

Watch your step

We eventually headed out of the meadow and back up to Olancha Pass.

Almost there (again)
Sobo at Olancha Pass
First view of Owens Valley

It was interesting seeing different light on the trail as the sun set over the ridge behind us.

Last bit of light
A lonely guardian
Haiwee Reservoir
Hills above Sage Flat
Almost to the bottom 
Bye bye wilderness!

At the trailhead we found our car and then drove a couple of hours to a highly-anticipated meal at Rubio’s in Adelanto.  Yum!


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