Back to Scissors Crossing

Third Gate (PCT Halfmile 91.2) to Scissors Crossing (PCT 77.3)
(13 miles, +2,000/-3,000 feet).

MixMaster and I both slept really well and awoke about 45 minutes before sunrise.


I really, really, really love hiking in the predawn light!  The cotton candy sky made the trail look completely different today than it looked yesterday.

My favorite time of day
Sunlight on a distant ridge
A blooming yucca in the morning glow

At the second gate we took a break to eat some breakfast (thanks for the Cliff bar MixMaster!) and decided to do some cross country through a broad plain near the PCT

Perfect for exploring

After about a mile we returned to the PCT, and wound downward through the lovely cactus gardens.

One of many drainages the PCT winds above
Trailside Ocotillo
Blooming barrel cactus
Juniper berries everywhere!
Heading back towards Granite Mountain

The miles flew by as we talked about life, the universe, and everything.

When we spied my little Honda in the valley below, we departed from the PCT at the next available ridge and headed straight down.

MixMaster winds his way through the cactus garden

Although MixMaster had enough spare food to share with me to keep my energy up, I was still really happy to find the food bag I had forgotten and left behind in the car.

Reunited and it feels so good!

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