Farewell Canyon

Lower Franklin Lake to Sawtooth Trailhead
(6 miles, +600/-3,100 feet).

Today was an easy day, but that’s just alright with me given the last two days and my impending 7 hour drive back to San Diego.

Last night was peaceful and calm again.  You’d think I would have slept well, but I kept having dreams about falling.  I guess my subconscious is a little freaked out about these crazy passes!

So I was a little sleepy but the trail was mostly downhill and not too hard to manage.

Good morning Franklin!
Predawn light
A snowy massif above Franklin Creek
Meadow just below 10,000 feet

At the crossing of Franklin Creek I stopped for breakfast and then crossed 100 feet upstream from the ford on two little jumps across the two streams that join just above the ford.

Franklin Creek ford

Shortly after the ford I encountered two snow fields on trail below Lady Franklin Mine but it wasn’t too difficult.  I decided not to put on my crampons at either one, but I did scramble off trail at the lower field so I could walk across a less steep part.

Snow field at about 9900 feet
Another snowfield, icy but not steep and with an existing boot track\

After that it was pure duffy deliciousness as the trail wound around to Farewell Canyon.

Duffy trail
Farewell Canyon

I surprised a family of deer on the way down.

Score for the trip: Deer 4, Frogs 1, Bears 0

And then the trail headed back to Franklin Creek.

Franklin Creek falls
Good morning flowers!

The Franklin Creek ford was safe, but I couldn’t quite rock hop it.  The water came up to my ankles on one rock in the middle.

Wet feet 😦
Spring is springing
And springing!

I could have kept my feet dry at Crystal Creek, but since I was already wet I just walked straight through.  I loaded up one more liter of delicious Sierra water for the trip home.

Crystal Creek: better than Crystal Geyser!

The view of Timber Gap welcomed me back to Mineral King

Timber Gap

And just to make things official, a car-eating marmot watched me head back to my rental.

Aw, next time don’t bring the tarp!

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  1. Shanti says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing. Please be safe out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JimmyJam says:

      Thanks and I will!


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