Kwaaymii Point Stroll

Kwaaymi Point to PCT Halfmile 55.8 and back
(5 miles, +1,000/-1.000 feet).

Half Cookie and I heard they had snow up at Mount Laguna on Christmas Day, and I really wanted to try out my new MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes.  So we decided to drive up for a day hike.

But when we got there this morning we found only 2-3 inches of snow.  That’s not really enough for snowshoes, so we drove down the road a bit to Kwaaymii Point and did a there-and-back on one of my favorite sections of the PCT.  The desert views were just stunning — even more so with the trail covered in fresh snow.

Around the bend
Desert views!
Cottonwood Canyon


Time to head back!

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