Rockhouse Canyon

Cottonwood Springs to Rockhouse Canyon Trailhead
(8 miles, +300/-2,200 feet).

It was colder last night than I expected, though we got absolutely no wind so we were both comfortable in our tents.  We awoke to a beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

What’s your function?
Cotton candy sunrise

In an extremely unusual move for both of us, we decided to wait for sunrise before packing up.

Time to go!
First light on Toro Peak

This morning we decided to head down the wash until we got to the ruins in Rockhouse Canyon.

Morning commute
Hello sun!
JimmyJam and MixMaster

The Rock Houses were pretty cool.  There was less trash than I expected — it seems people have mostly left them alone.

JimmyJam in a rockhouse
Rockhouse below Toro Peak

I was especially happy to be there right at sunrise, when the light was so gorgeous.

These ruins are so cool!

After we finished exploring, we made our way down Rockhouse Canyon, once again alternating wide flat sandy washes with occasional granite dry falls.

Huge boulder above a falls
At the precipice of some falls

The walking was easy, and soon we were at our only reliable water source for the trip: Hidden Springs!

I wonder where they could be

I filled up a liter here, and though I had to filter it with my pack towel and treat it with Aquamira, it was surprisingly delicious!

After the Springs, the canyon really opens up and the wash meanders back and forth over a well-used jeep track.

Looking back (and up!) towards Jackass Flat
Multicolored ridges

We ran out of water about half a mile before the car.

A moment of desperation
Last tree in the wash

And then we were back.  We saw not a soul, and both wondered why more people don’t explore this beautiful country…..

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  1. bionicOldGuy says:

    beautiful desert scenery

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