Snowshoes in SoCal!

Kitchen Creek Road (3 miles, +500/-500 feet).

Half Cookie and I finally got a chance to try the snowshoes we bought last year.

We got a crazy amount of snow in SoCal this week, and the news said it would be madhouse in Mount Laguna, Cuyamaca, and Julian with all the San Diegans rushing up to play in it.

So instead of heading there, we drove over to Kitchen Creek Road where it crosses the PCT and headed up past Cibbets Flats to the end of the road.

It was about 4200 feet, well above the snow line, and we had it all to ourselves!

There were a few footprints from yesterday, but those petered our after about 100 feet.

Winter sun
Help, I’m drowning!
Snowy selfie
Half Cookie on the move
Cibbets Flat
Frozen margarita?

It was fun trying out the snowshoes, but they are heavy! Plus, we had at most 4 inches of snow and it was crunchy enough to walk in without them. So when we turned around we took them off and carried them back down the road to our car.

Ahhh, that’s better

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  1. laurie sobolewski says:

    Smart cookies to choose an alternative route. Looks beautiful and peaceful. Love the frozen margarita!!

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