Morgan Pass

14 June 2020
Mosquito Flat to Morgan Pass and back
(7 miles, +1,200/-1,200 feet).

Sadly, today we had to depart from our motel with the lovely view of Lake Mono and head back to San Diego.  But on the way we thought we would sneak in one more hike.

And we could not have asked for a more beautiful morning.  The storm finally passed, returning us to normal temperatures for June and a light breeze that blew just enough to keep the sweat out of the climbs.


So much better than the past few days!

We started our hike with a very gentle climb into the Little Lakes Valley.

The last time I was on this trail was a Father’s Day trip with my sons Double Sub and Pasta Jay that I will always remember fondly.  That time we turned right up to Ruby Lake, but this time we kept straight, heading towards Bear Creek Spire and Mount Dade.

Rock Creek
Mack Lake
Marsh Lake
Bear Creek Spire and Mount Dade
Reflection shot!
I know, I can’t help myself

In case the pictures don’t convey it, I really love the snowy mountain ranges above this serene valley.

Pretty meadow

Before we knew it, we we’re nearly at Morgan Pass

Morgan Pass
Trail junction for Gem Lakes
Chickenfoot Lake below Mount Starr
Mount Dade

At the pass you can’t really see much on the other side, so I climbed a bit to catch a glimpse of Upper Morgan Lake.

Just a glimpse
What’s so funny?

After a nice break at the pass, we headed back the way we came.  There were A LOT more people, and with the pandemic we spent a lot of time walking big circles around noisy groups and their dogs.  But it was so beautiful and so perfect out, we didn’t care.

Half Cookie under a whole lot of mountain
Into the woods
And by the lakes
Don’t forget the flowers!
This was fun!

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