Day 1: Bishop Pass

19 July 2020 
Long Lake to LeConte Canyon 
(9.9 miles, +1,600/-3,600 feet).

Today we spent the whole day just getting to the John Muir Trail.  But the trail we were on over Bishop Pass was itself extremely beautiful in ways I did not expect—even though I’ve been here before!

Sunrise on Long Lake was amazing.  I was so happy we pressed on yesterday to score such a lovely campsite.

Sunrise over Long Lake

We ate breakfast, packed up, and started heading up past all the lakes in the Bishop Creek basin.

Half Cookie with half a cookie
Breakfast guest
Mount Goode
Are we there yet?

At Timberline Tarns we saw hundreds of circles on the water surface as trout jumped after thousands of mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects.

Above Timberline Tarns
Saddlebag Lake
Bishop Lake

In no time we were above the highest lake and on our way to Bishop Pass.

Heading towards Bishop Pass

Our friend Flower Power got her trail name today as she spent time identifying all the beautiful flowers we saw along the way.

Shooting Stars
2019.07.19 09.23.08
JimmyJam and Half Cookie on the rocks
2019.07.19 09.51.42
Lovely lichen
2019.07.19 10.05.58
Last view of Bishop Creek basin
2019.07.19 10.18.40
A teeny bit of snow
2019.07.19 10.28.11
JimmyJam chillin’
2019.07.19 10.29.01
Bishop Pass
2019.07.19 10.33.27
Bishop passed out

We took a good long break and then headed down into Dusy Basin.

Dusy Basin
2019.07.19 11.26.08
Bee’s Knees likes it!
2019.07.19 12.01.30
JimmyJam checks out a weather station

We took a long lunch at Lake 10742 before starting our 2,000 foot descent to LeConte Canyon.  Finder and I even had a chance to jump in!

2020.07.19 12.59.54
JimmyJam tests the waters
Hi ho! Hi ho!
First view of LeConte Canyon
2019.07.19 14.11.40
Half Cookie heads down

2019.07.19 14.13.23
Finder finds a waterfall
Beautiful bridge
2019.07.19 14.28.31
Flower power break
2019.07.19 14.38.37
Half cookie keeps heading down
Lower LeConte Canyon
Gorgeous cedar trees
This waterfall goes on forever

I previously thought we would have dry weather but today was a classic Sierra monsoon day with clouds starting to build around noon and the first rain drops around 3pm.

2019.07.19 14.43.40
Looks like rain!

But fortunately the storms stayed north of us and we managed to get down to LeConte Canyon to find a nice established site not too far from the Ranger Station there.

Camp host
What a day!

I think everyone was happy to camp low tonight since we are still struggling with the elevation a bit.  Tomorrow we have a VERY long climb up and over Muir Pass so we plan to hit the trail early.


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  1. Susie Flores says:

    Loved this. This is on my list of places to backpack. Maybe next year. This September we are headed to Ediza and Thousand Lakes.

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