Day 3: Fifteen Miles!

21 July 2020 
Evolution Lake to Florence Lake Trail 
(14.6 miles, +800/-3,900 feet).

Today was another monsoon day in the Sierra, but we were far from any peaks and our only job was down, down, down, so we stayed dry.  We made great time (Bee’s Knees loves “bonus miles!”) and set ourselves up nicely to get our resupply at Muir Trail Ranch tomorrow.

The air was calm as we rounded Evolution Lake this morning.  It was perfect hiking weather to enjoy not only the lake but a vast mountain called “The Hermit.”

The Hermit and Evolution Lake
Hermit reflection
2019.07.21 07.17.40
Team down, down, down!
One more of The Hermit
Down through the woods
More Hermit

We descended below tree line and walked through McClure Meadow where we encountered a friendly ranger. 

McClure Meadow
Howdy ranger!

We knew we had a wet crossing today at Evolution Creek but I wasn’t too worried.  The low snow year meant it was likely to be pretty easy, and when we got there we saw that it was.

Evolution Valley
Crossing Evolution Creek

I swam at the crossing and we all enjoyed a hearty lunch while our shoes dried.

The hike down Evolution Creek to Goddard Canyon was pretty dramatic.

Goddard Canyon
Mount Henry
This time there’s a bridge!
Crazy falls
2019.07.21 14.33.35
Taking a break


Pavilion Dome

And at Piute Creek we would say goodbye to Kings Canyon.

San Joaquin, meet Piute Creek!
2019.07.21 16.05.42
Bye Kings Canyon
2020.07.21 16.07.24
Hello John Muir!

Near the end of the day we came across a memorial to John Muir, in the form of a hut.

A fitting tribute

And soon after that we found a spot by the South Fork San Joaquin to camp for the night.

Welcome home!



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