Day 5: Bear Creek to Mono Creek North Fork

23 July 2020 
Marie Lakes to JMT Mono Creek North Fork
(13.1 miles, +1,300/-4,000 feet).

Today was sort of ho-hum, but that’s not surprising given how eventful yesterday was.  

It was lovely to wake up at the spectacular Marie Lakes where my wife decided to wait out the cold a bit.

2019.07.23 05.51.05
Here comes JimmyJam
Where’s Half Cookie?
There she is!
Last look at Selden Pass

We packed up and hiked downhill to Bear Creek where we expected another wet crossing.

Up there: Rosebud Lake basin
Down here: Rosemarie Meadow

But Bear Creek was so low it was just a rock hop!

Hop across Bear Creek

We heard from other hikers that the mosquitoes at Bear Creek were terrible.  So we suited up.

2019.07.23 09.16.39
Preparing for the worst

But the swarms never appeared and soon we removed our headnets and stripped back down to shorts.

Hike along Bear Creek
2019.07.23 11.37.46
Sierra Lilies

We stopped for lunch at a great one-tent campsite along the river.  Finder and I “swam” (by which we mean we dunked and got the hell out as quickly as possible!).

Swimming hole

After Bear Creek we had a very tough afternoon climb over Bear Ridge.  Half Cookie listened to some tunes to do the last mile.

We all stopped at the one spot where there was much of a view.

Lunchtime view from Bear Ridge
Richardson’s Geranium
Another view from Bear Ridge

Then we started a long climb down to Mono Creek.  You can’t see Lake Edison from the trail, but Finder and I climbed up on a nearby rock to take a look.

Lake Thomas A. Edison

We then finished the descent and stumbled on what might have been our nicest, warmest campsite of the trip, nestled between a rock wall and Mono Creek.  There was hardly a bug in sight, even though the creek bubbled musically nearby.

Another group came by later and seemed disappointed to find us already camped there!

The Mono Creek bridge
Basking in our lovely campsite



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  1. Mark says:

    Is that a Zpacks Triplex?

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