Day 9: Up to Gladys and down to Ediza

27 July 2020
Reds Meadow to JMT Intersection with Ediza Lake Trail
(9.6 miles, +3,100/-1,700 feet).

It was a little louder in the campground last night than I expected, but that’s why I bring earplugs!  Fortunately, by 10pm the guitar player stopped….

This morning started with some attention to feet before we wandered around the urban trails between Reds Meadow and Devil’s Postpile.

2020.07.27 06.51.20
Ready to go
Our M*A*S*H* unit
That’s a good one, Flower Power!

The Devil’s Postpile is always fun to see.  It seems so improbable that Nature would create such strange hexagonal columns.

A fine example of columnar basalt 
Finder helps a family with their group shot

We crossed over the Middle Fork San Joaquin and then there was a whole lot of climbing up to Gladys Lake.

Minaret Creek
Bee’s Knees at Lower Trinity Lake
2019.07.27 10.15.02
2019.07.27 10.24.42
I think my hand is stuck
Another Trinity Lake
Gladys Lake

It was buggy at Gladys Lake so we hiked around to the back of it to eat lunch up on the ridge over the valley to get some wind and some lovely views of the PCT across the way.

Finder enjoys her lunch spot

We then rounded our way back to the JMT and climbed down to beautiful Rosalie Lake (where I swam) and Shadow Lake (where Finder swam).

Rosalie Lake
Shadow Lake
A soak and a swim

Past Shadow Lake we had to do a late afternoon climb, which is always tough.  But it wasn’t too bad and we found lots of campsites near the intersection with the Ediza Lake Trail.  A friendly ranger came to chat, check our permit, and share her dog Blue with the group.

Ranger helper

Nearby we had one of the most lovely places to get water that I have ever seen.

Beautiful Shadow Creek!
Yes, UltraShuffle is doing laundry again
2020.07.27 15.35.13
What’s so funny?
2020.07.27 18.21.17
Different light, still spectacular

It sprinkled on us again at camp, but it was nothing major.  A very large group of 12 hikers rushed into our site and decided to camp there, too.  Some of them set up just 5 feet away from our tents.  Yikes!  I’m so glad we are doing this hike during a year when there are fewer people on trail.

After dinner, Finder and I decided to do the 3 mile round trip up to Ediza Lake, which I have never been to.  It was totally worth it!  The trail climbs up Shadow Creek and then crosses over, but we stayed on the same side of the creek, following the old trail all the way up to the lake.  A rockslide blocked it for a bit, but it was an easy scramble.

Finder and Shadow Creek
Lake Ediza under the Minarets
Coming back down

There were tons of Leopard Lillies all along the way and I was amazed at how varied they were.

Leopard Lily 1
Leopard Lily 2

We were back to camp by 8pm when everyone had just gone to bed, so I did too.  But Finder went to climb a rock to finish the day with a sunset.

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