Noble Canyon

6 January 2021 
Noble Canyon Trailhead to second stream crossing and back
(10 miles, +1,500/-1,500 feet).

Well, here we are still in a stay-at-home-order, with even dispersed camping banned in much of Southern California. 

So no backpacking for now. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t day hike!

To open up “birthday week” for Half Cookie, we decided to return to an old favorite: Noble Canyon.  Although this trail is *very* popular with mountain bikers, if you go on a weekday it is usually pretty quiet.  We only saw a couple of people the whole day, and they were on foot.

We decided to hike up to a pretty place where a perennial stream crosses the trail (I love NOT carrying water!), have lunch, and head back.  It was a lovely day.

Getting started
Hey this is pretty! (and the scenery is not bad, either)
Chaparral covered hillsides
Roadside diner
Fluffy cirrocumulus stratiformis filled the sky on our return
Back into the oaks
Classic socal
This little guy was barely moving, waiting to recharge in the sun
Following a ravine
Still impressive, even after life
Last break under an ancient oak, complete with a native matate


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