My PCT Gear

31 January 2021

OK, I already have a dedicated gear page, but I am VERY EXCITED about my upcoming thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. So I decided to tape my phone to the ceiling so I could snap (almost) everything that I am taking on my trip.

Of course, this picture is missing my phone, which was used to take the shot. I also realized that it is missing my capilene sleep shirt, lip balm, and a bag I plan to take with me to carry my food from Zpacks. Otherwise, this is more-or-less a complete picture.

My base weight is about 9 pounds normally, 12 pounds in the Sierra when I have to carry the bear canister, spikes, and ice axe. I really love having a light pack!

As of right this very moment, I am thinking I will take microspikes (not shown) instead of crampons, but we’ll see. If the snowpack ramps up I will probably stick with the crampons, at least for the first big snow section between Cottonwood and Kearsarge Passes. But right now we are sitting at 80% of average and the prediction is for a dry February and March. So maybe I can go lighter.

I’m also not sure about the umbrella. I will definitely start with it. We’ll see.

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  1. Jim Fowler says:

    Great shot!!!

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  2. That’s very light. I have some questions, if you don’t mind… How many days will the thru-hike be? Do you take any extra clothing other than socks? If not, laundry soap? (Like Ultra, I tend to wash things as I go) Also, how much will food add to the weight? I assume it will all be cold since there’s no utensils, stove, etc. Thanks.

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      I think it will take me about 5 months to walk 2,650 miles. Just socks, though I plan to swim as many days as possible and do laundry in town every 5 days or so. Food will be up to 10 pounds more, and so will water, though usually not at the same time since remote areas have better water. So my max pack weight will probably stay below 30 pounds for the whole trip and under 20 most of the time. I do plan to cold soak dinners. Potatoes, ramen, refried beans, hummus, instant rice, stove top stuffing all work just fine if you give them enough time in ambient-temperature water.


  3. Thanks. Could be awkward doing laundry naked 🙂
    I saw your post about permits for the PCT, but it didn’t occur to me that you were going to do the whole thing. That’s a pretty big deal! I look forward to reading about it.

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      Thanks! I will do laundry in my rain gear. I have wind pants and a rain jacket. Or maybe just al fresco in my hotel room!


  4. Jay Harrison says:

    Impressive. What is the liner for? And are the bread bags to keep your feet dry(er) in the snow? So, fully insulated: shorts, shirt, down jacket, rain/wind pants and jacket, gloves and gaiter; are you taking any other base layer? Do you consider this an adventure or an experiment?

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      Liner is a trash compactor bag. It lines the inside of the backpack to keep things dry (though the pack is dyneema so it already does a pretty good job). The bread bags are to keep my shoes from freezing at night if they are wet and yes they can double as sock liners though I have never used them that way. I forgot one more item! I will bring a capilene sleep shirt which can be used as one more layer in the system, but I’ve never used it that way except when it is in the teens or twenties.

      Definitely will be an adventure!

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