27 February 2021

Well, by some miracle I managed to get an appointment for my COVID-19 vaccine just in time so I will have both doses before starting my PCT thru-hike.


I will still need to physically distance, of course, but I will feel a lot better about the level of risk I might be creating for others on the trail and in towns when I resupply.

Just a little over 30 days to go. I can’t wait!

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  1. So glad, James! And so excited for your adventure!

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  2. mark says:

    I wouldn’t think your eligible. I guess I should check to see if I am. Didn’t think i was. I’m 64.

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      I am eligible as an employee in education (phase 1B Tier 1) and my employer, UCSD, has been running the vaccine superstations here, so they are really organized. I thought I would have to wait for all the older employees to go first, but it has been going really quickly, so I got contacted to sign up less than a week after they started with that tier.


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