Day 17: Zero in Big Bear

17 April 2021
Zero in Big Bear
No PCT Miles Hiked!

Today was delightfully slow. We woke up and it was too cold to go get coffee, so we just did the hotel breakfast here at the Best Western Big Bear Chateau. It turned out to be quite good, even though we had to bring it back to our room due to COVID.


Then Goose grabbed my laundry to throw in with his while I grabbed his water bottle to add to mine in a cache at the 18 crossing. That way we don’t have to carry more than two liters tomorrow. It was a nice drive up there, and I found a decent place to hide the water.

It’s behind that tree (shhhhh!)

When I got back, Half Cookie and I hit some gear stores looking for a soft sided nalgene (no luck, so I Amazoned it). Then we went to the library so Half Cookie could buy some book sale books for our Little Free Library at home. And finally, we went to Vons so I could resupply with 4 days of food.

Think I bought too much 🤔

Then it was time for lunch with Goose and his wife Cindy. We parked at the elementary school and walked over.

Why a kitten and not a cub?
Double date at Fire Rock Grill

Then blogging and TV and laying around until dinner. Half Cookie and I got pasta and a salad at Maggio’s, then back to the room to pack, listen to some music (Yo La Tengo and Aterciopelados), and read some poetry (from a friend’s book of poems – neat!).

Then more TV and laying around until bedtime. I feel refreshed! A true zero.

Today’s Hike-U:

Zero Days
Wonderful it is
When a body in motion
Briefly comes full stop

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  1. LauriEsssss says:

    Love the Hike-u
    Love you
    Love half cookie

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