Day 27: Everything is A-O-KOA

27 April 2021
Road FS 4N33 to Acton KOA
PCT Mile 431.9 to 444.3

It rained for about 3 hours last night. And I had a terrible time falling asleep. Not sure why. Maybe anxiety about camping in a road?

Fortunately, it was a nice and easy downhill hike today to the Acton KOA, only 12 miles to showers, laundry, pizza, and beer!

The dry spot under my tent.
Lovely light in the distant hills
Goldback fern
Purple nightshade
Prickly phlox

We got water today at the North Fork Ranger Station, which is manned by a former PCT thru-hiker named Ron. He puts chips and soda out for hikers, asking for small donations. Nice!

Ron has been everywhere. He even told a story about getting arrested in China when one of his hikes long ago took him to close to a military base. They developed his film, saw that he wasn’t a spy, and then let him go!

Thanks Ron!
Knock Knock and Puma get chips and soda
Lovely valley
Lots of Yerba Buena blooms today
California buckwheat, before…
…and after
Finally getting warm!
California primrose
A lovely chaparral yucca

Near the KOA I hiked for a while with Sandstorm, a student from Stanford who is taking a gap year. It was nice to chat for a while. I’ve been camping with Knock Knock and Puma, but we don’t really hike together during the day.

Down at the KOA I picked up an important package: new shoes! I probably could have gotten an extra 100-200 miles out of the old ones, so I’ll know for next time, but boy they feel good.

Something old and something new

I did laundry and took a shower, hanging out in just my wind pants and rain jacket until my clothes were done. Then I resupplied food in the store and later I ordered pizza delivery with Puma and Knock Knock. Fun!


In the Meadow where thru-hikers camp, I found a new flower, there was a spider on the sleeping pad Knock Knock was trying to repair, and there was an amazing owl hanging out in the cottonwoods that lined the main path of the KOA.

Meadow for thru-hikers
Pineapple weed
Goldenrod crab spider
Great Horned Owl

I was so tired from not sleeping last night that I got in my tent at 5pm. That’s too bad because a huge game of cornhole broke out with about 20 hikers playing or cheering. It sounded fun, but I just needed sleep, so I was happy when the party finally wound down around 10:30pm.

New Shoes
Brighten the colors
Thicken the insole and tread
For a brand new bounce!

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  1. Goose says:

    Keep on Jam’n JimmyJam! New shoes will be great!

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