Day 32: Zero in Tehachapi

2 May 2021
Zero Day in Tehachapi
No PCT Miles Hiked!

Wow! I just realized I didn’t take single picture today. No miles, no photos. Just rest!

I got breakfast with Sunfox and Captain Steve at Henry’s Cafe (Cobb Salad!), resupplied at Walmart where I also bought a sawyer squeeze water filter to replace my chlorine drops, watched some Flight of the Conchords, did a hot tub with Rugby, Daddy Longlegs, and Sunfox, had pizza and beer at TK’s with a bunch of hikers, and spoke with Half Cookie on the phone several times.

That may sound like a lot, but I estimate that 50% of the day I was laying in and appreciating my hotel bed!

Tomorrow morning Cheryl, my trail angel who brought me to town, will ferry me back to trail at 7am. Next town stop will be Lake Isabella in 4ish days.

Good night!

Today’s Hike-U:

My Hotel Bed
Soft, white, cool, cozy
Wide enough to stretch all out
I lie akimbo

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