Back in the Saddle!

28 November 2021
Desert View Trailhead to PCT mile 34.0
(17 miles, +4,600/-4,600 feet).

It’s been quite a while since I did a serious hiking day. My tendonitis is finally healed, though, so time to get back on the horse.

Er, that is, if by horse, I mean the PCT. (I do!)

So today I joined BarnFinder and HeartRate on one of their there-and-back PCT section hikes.

And I was in luck: they chose one of the prettiest stretches in SoCal. I missed some of it on my thru-hike attempt earlier this year because I took an alternate path to the store in Mount Laguna, so I was especially eager for this section.

We got to the trailhead a little before sunrise and had absolutely perfect weather the whole day. And by the end of the hike I still felt healthy! I’m hoping this bodes well for some long hikes I’d like to do next year…

Good morning PCT!
HeartRate heads down
And BarnFinder heads back up!

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  1. 100peaks says:

    Yay! Love the trail names.

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  2. P says:

    Absolutely delighted your tendonitis is healed and you’re back in the saddle! Keep us posted. When you cross the PCT midway point, we want to be there with magic to toast you and your accomplishments.

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      I’m thinking of SOBOing this year, so would be awesome to connect! More soon….


  3. Jay Harrison says:

    So glad to hear, JimmyJam. I think you still have a lot of places to go.

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  4. Dori Cage says:

    Glad to see your smiles back on the trail!

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