AZT Resupply Maildrops

11 March 2022

I’m not very fussy when eating on trail. One time I packed nothing but pizza for a multi-day trip! So I usually just buy food as I go instead of mailing myself packages.

But today I bought twelve days of food for my upcoming thru-hike of the Arizona Trail. Three days are for the start of my trip, and nine are for resupply packages I am mailing to myself at Colossal Cave and Roosevelt Lake.

These two places are both right on trail at places where they sell nothing but snacks. And Roosevelt Lake is the beginning of a 114 mile stretch, so it’s a good spot to choose foods that are efficient with high calorie density and nutrition (think cashews!) to reduce the weight in my pack.

6 days of food

So now it’s getting real!

I fly to Tucson on Monday, but first some friends and I are planning to do some trail magic for the northbound PCT hikers on Sunday. Should be fun!

And who knows? Maybe I’ll meet someone that I’ll see again when I start southbound on the PCT later this summer….

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  1. Dori Cage says:

    Hi James, Have a great trip! Patrick and I are day hiking and camping at Los Calibris in the mountains near Todos Santos Mexico . Interesting place to explore if you have not visited before . Snow camping next weekend. Will see how your tent does in the snow. Thanks for loaning it to me. It is getting lots of loving use. Dori

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      Sounds awesome! It has worked well for me on snow as long as I have a tool to break the ice to retrieve the stakes in the morning. An ice axe worked for me!


  2. markbatz says:

    Where are you doing your Trail Magic? I’m hosting someone tonight and I have a pick up at the airport tomorrow morning at 9:30. Then we’ll be heading out to the terminus. I have a big box of snacks I’d like to hand out.
    Good luck with your hike.
    It’s hard to look at your gear list. No matter how I try I am not getting down near 13.5 lbs.

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    1. JimmyJam says:

      Yay, thanks for trail angel-ing! We are setting up where the PCT crosses Kitchen Creek Road, about mile 30 or so from about 10-3 I think. We are making quesadillas and chili. You are welcome to join us after you drop off your hiker!


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