So Bored!

31 August 2022
Brockway Summit to Tahoe City
(19 miles, +2,500/-3,600 feet).

Ack! It happened again.

Yesterday was so nice, and today I was really looking forward to a shower, food, beer, and bed in Tahoe City.

But now I just feel SO bored!

I usually really like hiking this time of year, when trails empty out and the weather cools. But my mind has been racing. I have been really obsessed with a financial research project I have been working on, and all day I have been wishing I was working at home at my computer desk instead of out here sweating it out in this heat wave in the woods.


Sometimes when I get obsessed like this I know I just have to give in to it and let it run its course. I will regret missing out on the last bit of summer hiking in the Sierra this year, but if I stay I will just continue to feel annoyed.

Anyway, all that aside it was a relatively nice day for a shady hike. The lake was pretty this morning and I had company.

Good morning Lake Tahoe!
Hey buddy!

There were more nice flowers today, but the views were a little ho hum.

Naked buckwheat
Tundra aster
Hairy arnica
Common yarrow
Waxy Checkerbloom
White-veined wintergreen
Woodsy foothills
Watson Lake. Meh.

If I was superstitious I would think the universe sent me a signal when I found a squirrel that lost an argument with a mountain bike.

I know how you feel…

Mid-afternoon I hatched a plan to get an Uber from Tahoe City back to Reno and fly home this evening. And once that was settled, I did enjoy the last few hours when the trail followed a high ridge above the Truckee River.

A few more views here
The Truckee River below
See ya later Lake Tahoe!

I had a really nice Uber driver, which was a good thing: we sat at a standstill due to an accident for over an hour!

Fortunately, I still had several hours before my flight, so it all worked out.

And now I am back home. At some point I will get my head on straight and then get back out, into the way of beauty.

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  1. 100peaks says:

    I also continue to have issues on the trail, even though it’s gotten better. Not necessarily boredom, but a “why do I put myself through this?” or “do I even want to be here?” or something similar. I keep telling myself, “Someday, when you’re in the middle of something unpleasant, you’ll wish you were here.” And that usually does the trick. I’ve been pondering a blog post that ponders the idea that the memory of the adventure can sometimes be more powerful than the adventure itself. As a happy place for recall. Hmm. Glad you got home safely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JimmyJam says:

      yeah that is a good mantra, and it often works for me too. when i’m not obsessed with something else! 🙂


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