JMT: South Lake to Whitney

We did this trip in 2022. It was a continuation of a trip we did in 2020, when we hiked the northern two thirds of the John Muir Trail.

I had already hiked the rest of the JMT, but Half Cookie had not. So I talked her into finishing what we started! We were also joined by UltraShuffle, who was on the original hike as well.

We decided to start at the South Lake trailhead near Bishop, like we did last time, and then do all hundred or so miles in one go without resupply. All the way to Whitney Portal!

Our packs were heavy!

Here’s a caltopo overview of the trip (click on it to get the full map):

And here are links to trip reports for each day (I continued counting from where we left off the first time).

Day 15: Back to the JMT
Day 16: Up the Golden Staircase
Day 17: Mather Pass
Day 18: Pinchot Pass
Day 19: Rae Lakes and Glen Pass
Day 20: Forester Pass
Day 21: The Spectacular Bighorn Plateau
Day 22: Mount Whitney!