27-29 April 2016

We’ve been to the Grand Canyon many times, but before we started backpacking we had only done short day hikes down part way into the canyon and back up.  Half Cookie (who would get her trail name on this hike) was particularly drawn to the idea of hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim.

However, the logistics of a one-way hike are somewhat annoying.  The North Rim doesn’t open until it is already getting pretty hot down below, and even when it is open shuttle services take a long time and are expensive.  So that’s when we decided the easiest way to do it was to hike there and back again.  South rim to north rim to south rim!

On the full route we covered a little over 50 miles, going from the South Kaibab Trail to the North Kaibab Trail and then back out the Bright Angel Trail, with two overnights at Cottonwood Campground:

Day 1: Under the Gun

Day 2: Snow Falling Up!

Day 3: Up is Mandatory