Trans-Zion Trek

20-23 April 2016

Take one of your favorite National Parks.  Add some world-class hiking trails and some connector trails between them, so you can walk all the way from one end of the Park to the other.  And voilá!  You have an unforgettable adventure.

I hiked this trail with my hiking buddies MixMaster and BarnFinder, and MixMaster also invited his long-time friend Art to join us.  We immediately gelled as a group, as Art encouraged us to make the theme of the hike “Songs from The Sound of Music.”

The hills were alive with the sound of hill-arity….

Most people do this hike from west to east, so they can hit Zion Canyon towards the end (in fact, some people just finish there and skip the East Rim Trail).  But we did this 48 mile hike from east to west at a relatively moderate pace in 4 days and 3 nights:


Day 1: A Tranquil Beginning

Day 2: The Maddening Crowd

Day 3: The Spectacular West Rim

Day 4: Hopping to the End