Adventures in Fairyland

Fairyland Loop Trail
(8.0 miles, +2,300/-2,300 feet).

The last time ZoZoZoom visited Bryce Canyon, she had to care for her sick father while the rest of her family did a hike into the canyon.  She had always dreamed of going back one day so she could do the hike, too.

Well that day was today!

We started at Fairyland Point and planned to follow the Fairyland Loop down into the canyon through all the hoodoos and then back up to the Rim Trail to get back to our starting point.

We started about 7am before sunrise.  We couldn’t see the beautiful canyon, but the view of the sky wasn’t too bad.

Not too shabby

It was really cold when we started, but we came prepared with lots of warm clothing we could shed over the day.


Soon the sun was up and we were surrounded by spectacular hoodoos as we descended into Fairyland Canyon.

Shadow selfie
We’re not taking this too seriously
Beautiful, beautiful

By 8:30am we were getting views of the famous “Tower Bridge” formation.

Tower Bridge

We continued winding our way through the hoodoos, where every turn brought a view that was even more spectacular.

ZoZoZoom enjoys the view
This place is really magical!

Eventually we started to climb back out of the canyon.


By 11:30am we made it back to the Rim Trail.


But one thing we didn’t realize was that the “rim” was not actually flat!  We had to climb another few hundred feet to get to the high point.

Rim Trail
Taking a much needed break

Finally, around 1pm we made it to the top, where there is an interesting burn area.

Just one more hill

We then started down hill and in no time we were back where we started.  Loop accomplished!

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