To Tule Spring

Warner Springs (mile 111.4) to Tule Spring (mile 137.0)
(26.2 miles, +4,500/-4,000 feet).

Today was day one of a two day trip to finish up my section miles that currently reach from Mexico to the Mountain Fire closure.

It was very cold and the day was extremely short since the winter solstice just happened.  As a result, we did not take many breaks and we averaged over 3 miles an hour for our marathon distance.  Toward the end of the day my knees really started hurting me.

I did not take enough pictures today, especially near the start of the hike in Agua Caliente Creek riparian area, which was really beautiful.  We also had some beautiful vistas over Indian Flats and near Combs Peak.

Manzanita near Combs Peak
¿Donde está el agua?
Beautiful hills
Done with San Diego County!
Panorama with MixMaster
Our campsite near Tule Spring

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