Crushing My Knees

Tule Spring (mile 136.5) to Highway 74 (mile 151.9)
(15.4 miles, +3,000/-1,700 feet).

Today was day two of a two day trip.  Overnight it was really cold, in the 20s.  I kept my water bottle near me in the tent and as soon as I got out this morning it started freezing up.

We decided to start well before sunrise this morning because we had gone to bed so early the night before.  I kept on my base layers and all my clothes for a good part of the hike because of the cold.

It was beautiful in the dark with MixMaster’s headlamp and the nearly-full moon, but none of my pictures came out.

First light
Cotton candy sunrise

I thought my knees hurt yesterday, but that was just a preview of coming attractions.  MixMaster was very kind to walk at my slow pace for a bit, but at a certain point he needed to stretch his legs to deal with his own aches and pains.

MixMaster sets the pace

The last part of the hike near Coyote Canyon was really pretty, but I was in too much pain to snap any photos.  I sang to myself to get down the last couple of miles.

My knees thank god when we reach the highway

I think I found my limit on this two day trip.  No more 20+ mile days in winter when daylight is limited and we have to rush.

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