Valentine Loop

Indian Creek Loop variation
(10 miles, +1,500/-1,500 feet).

BarnFinder, MixMaster, and I have not hiked together in a while since I hurt my knee on the PCT.  I’m still not 100% so we thought we would try an easy loop in the Mount Laguna area.

And believe it or not, the only day we had free was Valentine’s Day!  So it was another good reason to do a shorter hike so we could get back to our lovelies.

I don’t have many pictures from today.  I was focused more on dealing with my knee.

We started at the Penney Pines Trailhead before dawn (as usual!) to enjoy the early glow on the mountains.

Mountain glow

We followed the PCT and then climbed a spur trail to the top of Garnet Peak with some nice views (none of my photos came out though).  We then headed back to the PCT.

MixMaster minds the trail

We crossed the Sunrise Highway in search of the Indian Creek trail, but looking at another person’s trip report I think we got a little lost.  We ended up bushwhacking across Indian Creek and heading uphill in search of the trail.  It was nice when we finally found it!

So this is the trail!

The Indian Creek Trail led back to the Noble Canyon Trail, which then took us back to our car at Penney Pines.

It was really nice to get back out again today, and we did make it home about mid-day so we could each spend the rest of the day with our wives.


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