White Rabbit

Shingle Creek Trail
(4 miles, +500/-500 feet).

Today was my first hike with snowshoes!  We are visiting some friends from Peace Corps who are on vacation in Park City, Utah, and rather than paying a bazillion dollars to break our legs on a ski slope we decided to rent some snowshoes and head out into the snowy wild.

I think DoubleSub really enjoyed himself.

DoubleSub on the move

And despite her normal aversion to snow and cold, Half Cookie also seemed to enjoy the day.

So much snow!
Snowy JimmyJam
Heading downhill
Hey, this is kind of fun!

We hiked about two miles in where we had some lunch standing up (we couldn’t find a dry place to sit!).  We then made our way back, sometimes going off trail for fun.

DoubleSub tries a snow bridge
Half Cookie takes the regular bridge

On the way, I saw a beautiful white snow bunny and actually caught it on camera.  Lovely!



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