Sprague Lake

Glacier Basin Campground to Sprague Lake and back
(2 miles, +200/-200 feet).

ZoZoZoom just turned 75!  Woo hoo!

So time for a hike, naturally.

We met in Denver, rented an RV, and headed up to Glacier Basin Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Lucky for us, we had time before sundown for a short hike over to Sprague Lake near our campsite.

Of course the route I took us on involved a rock-hop stream crossing.  But that’s no problem for ZoZo.

75 years young

In the evening light the animals were coming out to play.

Got anything to eat?
Mmmm, caldo de conejo (is it dinner time yet?!?)
Sprague Lake

Just as we finished the loop around the lake, sprinkles from the sky filled it with glorious concentric circles under streaming light.


Welcome to Rocky Mountain National Park!

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  1. Nancy Anderson says:

    So glad you and your mom go hiking together in such a beautiful landscape.


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