Day 2: A Tough Climb

Inspiration Point to Angelina Spring (25 miles +4,400/-3,000 feet).

Yikes what a tough day. Hot climbs in the afternoon are the worst for me. I have to do a better job coping with them.

The day started out great as I awoke from beautiful sleep to gorgeous pre-dawn views at Inspiration Point. I packed up and made my way through the maze below, hopping canyons a couple of times just for the fun of it.

Pink clouds
Pink sky
Pink mountains
Pink Flowers
Heading for the Hills

Soon I was out of the maze and on to the vast plain headed towards Borrego Spring. I climbed out of the wash with its hero tracks and headed straight towards town.

Shadow Selfie

When I got to the sand dunes I found a Jeep track which made the walking a bit easier.


And then it was a road walk straight into town, where I had my first coyote siting.

So straight!
Poor guy

After filling my water bottles at Christmas Tree Circle, I had a leisurely breakfast at Calico’s. I ate one sandwich and ordered two to go.

Well fed and hydrated, I walked out of town until I found the California Hiking and Riding Trail, which leaves near the Anza-Borrego Visitor Center but is poorly marked.

I guess this is it?

The afternoon 3,000 foot climb above Hellhole Canyon was brutal. I passed several other hikers who joked “you’re going the wrong way!”

I had a hard time enjoying it, but the views were breathtaking.

Hellhole Canyon
San Ysidro Mountain

At last I reached 4,000 feet and stopped to scarf a sandwich in the shade of a boulder.

My lunchtime view

The next few miles were rolling until I dropped down into Grapevine Canyon. On the descent I thought I could save some time by heading cross country down a wash, but the last half mile of it was choked with vegetation. No time saved, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Grapevine Canyon

At last I made it back down to the road and kept walking until Angelina Spring. When I started to set up camp, I realized I had forgotten my stakes at Inspiration Point! Luckily, there was a site with plenty of sticks and rocks so I made due.

Yay rocks!

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  1. Mark says:

    Looks like you got a Duplex. Is that new?
    Seems like a good tent for the desert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JimmyJam says:

      Yes, new! It’s a little more room than I need but I really like being able to see out of both sides.


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