Day 3: Done (again!)

Angelina Spring to Stagecoach Trails RV Resort (11 miles, +1,200/-1,400 feet).

Arrrrrrgghh!  It happened again.

I gave up.

Yesterday was so hard.  I’ve been pushing myself way too much.  After getting to my resting point for today I just couldn’t bear the thought of another sweaty slog up a moderately-interesting canyon that I have seen before.

It’s weird.  I thought I really wanted to do this sea-to-sea hike, but I guess I didn’t.  It also made me realize that when I don’t have a “why” it’s really hard for me to do big mileage days….

Anyhoo, this morning was actually really nice.  Mostly flat, with a stunning sunrise.

Good morning!
Mmmmmmm, cotton candy
Cholla along the road
Heading towards the sun

The hike through Grape Canyon was actually a trail instead of a road and very nice.  Right before entering I met some nice people from the Sierra Wilderness Course who were out planning a navigation site for future students.

Grape Canyon
Grape Canyon

After Grape Canyon it was a long flat descent through Earthquake Valley to the Stagecoach Trails RV Resort

Granite Mountain
Cholla on the way down to the valley
Mmmmm buttery

The folks at the RV Resort were really nice!  They apparently get a lot of PCT thru-hikers so they are very well set up for a resupply.

Yay pizza!

After lunch I headed on my way but turned around after a mile and called Half Cookie to come pick me up.  My heart just wasn’t in the rest of the hike.  I’ve seen Oriflamme Canyon, Cuyamaca, Cedar Creek Falls, and Peñasquitos Canyon, and I was not looking forward to the private property issues and bushwhacking up El Cajon Mountain.

It felt like a big defeat.  If I can’t do this, how will I do the PCT?

On the other hand, the PCT is a MUCH bigger deal to me.  I think I would be willing to go through a lot more to keep that journey going.  Maybe.

As I write this blog entry I wish I had just taken the day off at the RV park and started again the next morning.  But who knows if that would have worked.

Anyway, I am really happy for what I saw up to where I finished, and it was a really good learning experience about pushing myself too hard and taking breaks when I need a mental recharge.

Onward and upward!

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  1. Mark says:

    James, you’ve got nothing to be upset about. You just navigated yourself across the desert. Quite an accomplishment.
    I’m taking the Wilderness Course now. We’re heading out to the Domelands this weekend. And you’re right, the staff are really a bunch of great people.
    How much of the PCT are thinking of doing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JimmyJam says:

      Right now I am hoping to do it all next year. Current thinking is SOBO, but I go back and forth.


  2. t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r says:

    Amazing photos and blog! Keep it up!! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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