Ramparts Overlook Trail

5 September 2020
Ramparts Overlook Trail
(4 miles, +800/-800 feet).

It was really hot at Great Basin National Park, so we decided to press on to our next stop, Cedar Breaks National Monument, since it sits at a nice cool 10,000 feet.

Of course, everyone else had the same idea: the campground was full!

But we had all our backpacking stuff with us so it was easy to find an established site just off a forest road to set up camp.  Half Cookie was especially impressed that we were able to find a place to stay that was private and free.  And we enjoyed getting a glimpse of the Duck Dynasty culture as long-bearded men occasionally rode very loud machines up and down the road.

Anyhoo, once we got set up we headed back into the National Monument to do a trail on the rim of the Cedar Breaks.  It was magnificent!  In some ways, it’s even more impressive (if less expansive) than Bryce Canyon.

JimmyJam takes in the view
A pano of the whole bowl

As an added bonus, there were Bristlecone Pines on the hike, too.  That makes three states we’ve seen them in this year.

View from Spectra Point
Right along the rim
A lone hoodoo
This is great!
White cliffs
Half cookie, whole view!

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