Cedar Breaks to Bryce

6 September 2020
Alpine Pond Loop
(2 miles, +200/-200 feet) and
Bryce Point to Sunset Point
(2 miles, +300/-300 feet).

Today we are moving on to Bryce Canyon.  We were supposed to do a backpack on the under-the-rim trail there, but today we’ll see highs in the 80s and tomorrow we’ll see lows in the 20s!

This is what happens when you melt your ice cap.  Polar vortexes slip down from the poles, even in late summer.  With climate change the new normal is anything but.

Anyhoo, it looks like Bryce will now be a day-hiking trip, so we decided to get in one more hike at Cedar Breaks in the morning and then another on the rim at Bryce late afternoon.

Cedar Breaks looking north
Cedar Breaks looking south
Meadow Larkspur near Alpine Pond

It was nice to hit both of these parks in one day to see just how similar the formations are.  Bryce is lower, bigger, and more filled with hoodoos than Cedar Breaks, but the colors are quite close.

Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point
Half Cookie admires the view

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