Red Canyon

8 September 2020
Pink Ledges Loop
(1 mile, +200/-200 feet) and
Arches Loop
(1 mile, +200/-200 feet).

Well it was super cold and windy today, so no need to burst out the door at the crack of dawn!  We slept in and then decided to go explore nearby Red Canyon.  We’ve always been in such a hurry to get to Bryce, we never stopped to explore here, and we are really glad we did!

First stop: the Pink Ledges Loop, which is just off highway 12 near the Visitor Center.  We bundled up and wandered around with about half a dozen other hikers.

Lovely tree
All bundled up
Climbing towards some nice cliffs
This is (almost) worth it!
A nice ravine off to the left
It’s so cold that..
…Half Cookie warms up to a Ponderosa

Next stop: the Arches Trail, about two miles from the highway down a dirt forest road.

I guess we are in the right place!
Still looking for a warm place to hide
Nice cliffs on the way up
Red Canyon
First view of the arches
Inside an arch
Half Cookie checks them out
Heading back down
Hey! IS that the sun?
Beautiful conglomerate near the creek bed

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