Riggs Spring Loop

7 September 2020
Riggs Spring Loop
(9 miles, +1,900/-1,900 feet).

The weather was *really* spooky today.  It was extremely windy, and we got an early start because it was supposed to be very hot.  We could barely see the sunrise through the morning haze of smoke from the California fires that followed us here from two states away!

California Dreamin’?

We decided to hike the loop clockwise since the eastern part of the loop goes through a recent burn zone.  We wanted to save shade for later in the day.

Rainbow Point
Into the hazy burn zone
Western Spring Beauty?

It was fun to drop down into the hoodoos and the forest below where we hiked right below the beautiful cliffs.

Who do?
Half Cookie peers at pink

Riggs Spring was muddy and gross (good thing we brought all the water we needed!) but the surrounding forest was quite nice, including a deer family that kept an eye on us for a bit.

Trail buddies
More pink cliffs

We saw no one until we were almost back up to Yovimpa Pass, where we caught up with some backpackers who were heading home and we found an old telephone box that Half Cookie mistook for a Little Free Library.

No books here

When we were almost back to the car we decided to tack on the little Bristlecone Loop Trail.  The old tree that the trail loops around is apparently dead, but the views of the cliffs were lovely.

Looking ahead
Looking back
Yovimpa Point
The Promontory

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