Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments

26 September 2020
Lenox Crater, Lava Flow, Wukoki Pueblo, Wapatki Ruin, and The Citadel Trails
(~4 miles, +500/-500 feet).

Today was more of a car touring day, but we were able to do a series of very short hikes to get out and enjoy one of the youngest cinder cones in the United States and a series of Native American ruins perched in the Wupatki Basin.

Apache Plume
Lava Flow Trail
Love these trees dotting the sheer pumice slope
Looking back on the Kachina Peaks
Skyrockets in flight!
Hmmm…. I wonder what that mountain is called….
Black Mountain
Wukoki Ruin
Half Cookie to scale
Wupatki Ruin
A lovely path around the ruins
Ancient view
The Citadel
A ball court
A Thistledown Velvet Ant (which is a wasp, not an ant)

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