Hermits Rest to El Tovar

27 September 2020
Hermits Rest to El Tovar
(8 miles, +500/-500 feet).

Flagstaff was fun with its cute downtown, excellent latin cuisine, and numerous breweries, but we thought it would be a shame not to do some hiking at the Grand Canyon since we were already so close.   So we booked a room at Bright Angel Lodge and decided to do an afternoon hike today and a morning hike tomorrow before returning to San Diego.

Although we have been to the Grand Canyon several times, we haven’t done the hike along this route before, so it was all new for us.

Near Hermits Rest
First glimpse of the Colorado

There is a paved bike trail through here but we opted to follow a use trail that took us through nice shade and closer to the views.

Following the use trail
Near Pima Point
Looking down on the Tonto Trail
Monument Creek
We’re being very serious
That was fun!
Another Colorado glimpse
Looking across to Mojave Point
Looking back at our last viewpoint on the white cliffs
Mojave Point
Very noisy….
The Alligator
Bright Angel Canyon, where we did our rim-to-rim-to-rim hike a few years ago

We walked back to Bright Angel Lodge, dropped our stuff at our room, and immediately headed over to El Tovar for dinner.  The bad news is that they said it was an hour and a half wait.  The good news is that they were serving drinks while we waited.  We practiced some social distancing with ours, sitting right on a wall next to the rim trail to watch the sunset.

Now that’s a mule ride!

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