Redwoods National Park

16 June 2022
Lady Bird Johnson Grove and Tall Trees Trail
(5 miles, +800/-800 feet).

Yesterday we got a permit to hike the Tall Trees trail in Redwood National Park. They sent us a code for a locked gate we had to drive through to get to the trailhead. But on the way, we first stopped at the Lady Bird Johnson Grove to do a short hike in the rain.

Magical in the rain
Pacific Rhododendron
Pacific sideband
So tall!

After Lady Bird Johnson, we proceeded to the main event. The Tall Trees Trail is a 4 mile loop that winds down to a grove on the banks of Redwood Creek that contains the tallest trees in the world.

That’s quite a blowdown!
Half Cookie with the “Tall Tree”

The absolute tallest tree, called “Hyperion” is not in the grove on trail. It is across Redwood Creek up a nearby tributary. But between the terrain and the great number of only-slightly-shorter trees in the surroundings, it is difficult to figure out which one it actually is without GPS. So Half Cookie and I contented ourselves with exploring the trail side of the creek.

The tallest tree in the world is somewhere over there
If you’re not first, your last?
Firecracker flower
A gorgeous maple grove
I love the moss on these!
Hanging moss
Sea bindweed

It’s a good climb to get back up to the trailhead, but it was totally worth it! I highly recommend this hike.

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