Cold Boiling Lake

18 June 2022
Cold Boiling Lake Trail
(2 miles).

There was more rain yesterday so we decided to spend a layover day in Redding, which has a very cute downtown with a couple of very good breweries.

Today we headed to Lake Tahoe, but not before touring Lassen Volcanic National Park and doing a short hike to Cold Boiling Lake. Up here it snowed last night, so everything was absolutely gorgeous!

Lassen Peak
On trail to the lake

Cold Boiling Lake is not actually boiling, but there are some fun bubbles that come up near the outlet. I mostly enjoyed the new fallen snow on the shores.

Cold Boiling Lake
And another shot

We drove through the rest of the park stopping at some pretty sites.

Lake Helen
Emerald Lake

And then on our way to lunch in Chester we crossed the PCT where three thru-hikers needed a ride into town. Of course we stopped!

Bloom, Cucumber, and Autobahn

Chester was really nice! There was a bookstore in the restaurant where we ate, and everyone was super friendly. We’ll have to come back and spend a night or two the next time we visit Lassen!

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