21 December 2022
Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail
(6 miles, +200/-200 feet).

Half Cookie and I have been together for 30 years! It’s hard to imagine…. We decided to celebrate with a trip to Hawaii to see Kauai, an island we have never visited. Our friends Quercus and Tami have moved there, so we get to see them too!

We suggested doing a walk with them, and as it turns out one of the hikes I wanted to do along the coastline can be reached from their house. Sweet!

My first impression of Kauai is that they like to add the word “Mahalo” to everything. This word is an expression of gratitude, though it ends up seeming really passive aggressive on the signs telling us what NOT to do.

Welcome to Kauai!

But never mind! We were soon past the weird signs and on a lovely trail along the coast.

Half Cookie, Tami, and JimmyJam
Cliff diving spot?
Um, maybe next time!

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