Waves of Fire

Fire Wave Trail
(1.5 miles, +200/-200 feet).

Today we hiked one of the most colorful trails I have ever seen.  The trail is in Valley of Fire State Park, a really under appreciated area that I had never heard of until we happened to stop there on a trip a few years ago.  I think most people are either in a hurry to get to Zion and the parks in Utah or they are in a hurry to get to the Strip in Las Vegas, so this park does not get nearly the love it deserves.

There are many gorgeous trails in the park, but I think the Fire Wave Trail is probably the most beautiful of them all.

We started our hike (illegally) before sunrise, which I recommend heartily for this highly exposed desert hike.

Sorry, folks.  Park’s closed!

The trail starts near a huge outcrop of Navajo sandstone and gradually winds its way around it.

Look at that!

Pretty soon we started seeing the formations with alternating pink and white stripes that make this trail so appealing.

First formation

The trail eventually leaves the sand and cuts across slick rock, with rocky cairns to guide the way.

Rocky cairn

The scene quickly get extremely colorful, with large white and red cliffs in the distance, and the striped rocks right underfoot.

ZoZoZoom snaps a shot
This is amazing!

If that weren’t enough, towards the end of this very short trail, the erosion of the striped rock creates massive curves that look like waves.

Wavy rocks
Sticks of fire
More wavy rocks
Wavy selfie
The most interesting rock of them all

We hung out for a bit enjoying the sunrise and the changing light before heading back.

Shadows below the cliffs
Just one more photo, please!


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